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Las Vegas Variable ground attack (All Planes/Helo's & SP or MP)

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Hello and Welcome to the Las Vegas Variable Ground Attack mission. Now with Air-Air missions too!




This is an all-in-one style Air-Ground, Air-Air attack mission for the NTTR map, and supports every flyable platform in DCS. All Fixed wing aircraft start at Nellis, while all the helicopters start at a FARP on the eastern edge of the city, east of McCarren Intl Airport.

In order to activate a mission, you MUST select it through the F10 radio menu option.


Once completed with a mission, you will have the option of selecting a new mission. You must first complete the mission assigned before moving on to a new one.


All Helo Missions (except for Break-Thru) require at least one helicopter that can pick up troops. That would only be the Mi-8, or the UH-1 at this time.

None of the aircraft (except for helo's that are "ground starts") have ordinance already loaded. So don't forget! To load weapons, you may have to press Left ALT and ' (period key for the MiG-21) -Those are for default key bindings- This is because I've noticed that trying to do the re-arm option through the radio menu doesn't seem to work all the time.


CTLD only meant for Helo "Break-thru" mission.

Only Mi-8's and Huey's can do rescue mission pickups right now.


Mission List:

- Unattended Depots: 3 Missions

- City Missions: 5 Easy Missions, 5 Medium Missions, 3 Hard Missions

- Country Missions: 4 Easy Missions, 4 Medium Missions, 4 Hard Missions (for Tonopah mission, only fixed wing set off triggers)

- Strike Missions: The Beatty Bomber, A Primm Pounding, Laughlin Bridges, FedEx Express (only fixed wing set off triggers)

- Helo Missions: Break-Thru, Hoover Dam Hoist, Boulder Bastille, VIP Pickup

- Air-Air Missions: Helo Intercept, WWII and Korean Menace, Vietnam Vengeance, Modern Mayhem, Transport and Bomber Pick-Off, Large CAP Groups


Mission Still Under Construction:

- Helo Missions: Stratosphere Sling, Mountain Rescue


Ground Mission Difficulty definitions:

Unattended Depots: No enemy return fire.

Easy - Intended to be completed by a single player. Air defense includes small arms and vehicle mounted machine guns.

Medium - Can be completed by a more competent single player, but really intended for 2+ players. Air defense includes AAA vehicles (guns) some with radar capability. And a possible short range IR SAM unit.

Hard - Intended for a small group, or team, of players. Air defense includes multiple SAM's, both IR and Radar.


Air Mission Difficulty definitions: (These missions are mainly built for 1-2 players, except for the "Large Cap Group's" air missions. Those are more suited for larger groups of player's flying together.)

Easy - Either a few non-retaliatory aircraft, or a single fighter with guns only.

Medium - One or more retaliatory aircraft. Short range missiles possible.

Hard - Multiple retaliatory aircraft with possibility of both short and long range missiles.


AWAC's is available at 251Mhz (Chan 7 for aircraft that need it, Chan F for Viggen) AWAC is set to Immortal and Invisible.

Easy Comm is enabled at this time for those aircraft that are out of Freq range for AWAC's.


You can download the mission at this link here. It is unfortunately to large to fit as an "attachment" in these forums (16mb). So I have to go through my google drive account. Because of the file's size, google will say it can't verify a virus check on it. I would hope you can trust me when I say it's clean.

Version 0.318 ( Mar 17th 2018 ) NO LONGER VALID go to this link: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=205546

***Click on the DOWN arrow that exists along the top banner of the page.***


I'm releasing this Beta to see what the community thinks of it. This mission is still a work in progress, and will be updated as time goes by.


This is a very large file, so if you are joining a multiplayer server that is hosting it, expect it to take upwards of 3 minutes to load.



Release History


V0.318 03/17/2018

- Medium and Long range SAM units placed within their own particular groups.


V0.317 01/10/2018

- AV-8B Harrier added (4 of them at Nellis)

- Air to Air missions added, including voiced briefings. There are 3 ranges of difficulty in each category; easy, medium, and hard. The categories are:

Helicopter, WWII/Korea, Vietnam, Modern, Transport/Bomber, and Large Formation

- AWAC’s added (easy comm also enabled for aircraft that can’t tune OverLord in)

- Admin Aircraft added for radio option menu to restart the mission in game.


V0.307 9/18/2017

- Broke up Mi-8 and Huey groups so each Helo is it’s own group. This should fix any issues with CTLD.


V0.306 9/12/2017

- Fixed triggers for Unattended Depot missions 2 and 3 so that after completing them the option to select a new mission will be available.


V0.305 8/30/2017

- Public Release



- Apache600







Edited by Apache600
This thread is no longer supported


The Museum Relic Campaign: --> http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=164322

Community Missions (SP & MP) --> https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=205546

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Hi Apache600


Quick question


I downloaded and tried to host this mission, but every time it eventually crashes with the error "you system is running low on memory"


I have 16gb DDR4 and plenty of hard rive space... any ideas why this may be happening?

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Hey muse458, I haven't a clue :( It shouldn't be that demanding, as the mission is less than 16mb. Can you run the mission single player successfully, by yourself?

I've had some people have a hard time joining this mission when I was testing it, they would crash out as well. One thing that seemed to help, was that before joining, they went in to the Mission Editor and just loaded up a blank NTTR map (just to pre-load some of it into the memory) then exited that, and then joined the server. But I never had that kind of a requirement for the person hosting it. You could give that a shot. Hope it helps ya!


- Apache600


The Museum Relic Campaign: --> http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=164322

Community Missions (SP & MP) --> https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=205546

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Hey Apache, I've seen some strange behavior since 2.1 re: clients being kicked out on a couple of my ops as well; it seems to be an issue especially in missions with a lot of things moving on the ground.


I have one particular op we use for our Squad Night missions that has simply refused to allow anyone to stay connected more than ~8 minutes since 2.1...the good news is, each patch has slightly improved the time-until-disconnect so hopefully this will eventually be resolved.


Will report any DC issues when I have a chance to check this out.

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Hi Apache600, thanks a lot for the mission! We already had some fun on it.

We found one bug yesterday. We had two Hueys. The first Huey had no issues loading and unloading troops. However, all Transport actions the second Huey called, where executed on the first Huey. E.g. Second tried to load troops, troops were loaded into the first Huey.

Author of Scratchpad, DATIS, and maintainer of DCS-gRPC.

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Thanks feefifofum! I thought of that one the moment I typed it into the response :) I appreciate the "confirmation" of my theory! I'll get that fixed soon.


The Museum Relic Campaign: --> http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=164322

Community Missions (SP & MP) --> https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=205546

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  • 3 months later...

Big update!!! Harrier's were a must to add, but the biggest addition to this mission is the inclusion of Air-Air missions. A total of 15, of various aircraft types and difficulties, have been added, spanning nearly all corners of the map.

Check the first post of this thread for more info.


- Apache600


The Museum Relic Campaign: --> http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=164322

Community Missions (SP & MP) --> https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=205546

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Just took an hour'ish long flight, after modifying your mission a touch to have some AI friendly F15C and F14B aircraft up there with me, along with a 3 ship of F/A-18C's (including myself).

It was a treat. Did the Beatty bomber mission, had some good success, but one of my wingmen didn't have an easy day. He did make it back to Nellis though, which was nice.

Good work, great contribution and I thank you for it Apache600 !

Link for the screen capture of the flight if anyone was so inclined/interested:









i7 6700 @4ghz, 32GB HyperX Fury ddr4-2133 ram, GTX980, Oculus Rift CV1, 2x1TB SSD drives (one solely for DCS OpenBeta standalone) Thrustmaster Warthog HOTAS, Thrustmaster Cougar MFDs


Airframes: A10C, A10CII, F/A-18C, F-14B, F-16C, UH=1H, FC3. Modules: Combined Arms, Supercarrier. Terrains: Persian Gulf, Nevada NTTR, Syria

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