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How to make Towers shoot back ?


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Although I have created a few simple missions I am still very much a NOOB when it comes to using the ME.

Currently, I have created a super-simple mission with a couple static targets to shoot at.

I have yet to create any Flags or Trigger Zones or anything like that. (or at least, none that helped with this current issue).


Basically, I have placed a few different aircraft at an airport from which I can choose what to fly.

I have created a Target Area consisting of a few Static Targets.

On either side of these static objects are 2 Towers.

The Towers (and target objects) are Set as Enemy Country objects (i.e. Red).


When I fly towards and over the towers, they do nothing. I can land right beside them and they don't shoot. So obviously I am doing something wrong (i.e. I'm missing something).

I did try creating a couple Trigger Zones and Flags etc but these didn't seem to help any.


Is this not sufficient that they are on Team RED that they should shoot at me when I'm in their range (whatever that is ?) ?


Of course, I'm assuming that because I'm on Blue Team and the Towers are Red Team that they should shoot at me at some point in time, but this obviously isn't the case OR at least I have done something wrong. Or not enough right !!! ???


Anyway, how can I make them shoot at me ?

AND is there a Range/Distance they can shoot or when they'll shoot ? Is it visible in the ME ?


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Did you add them as units of type "fortification" or as static objects?


Statics won't fire, units should. You're using the standard "watch tower armed" ?


Well that would certainly explain it.

I definitely added them as Static Objects. The Obvious never occurred to me that if they are Static, they do nothing.


Thanks for opening my eyes.


This in fact, probably explains why I was unable to destroy one of the objects I had previously placed in the mission (which I ultimately changed).


Thanks again.


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great to see you dabbling in the ME ST! Good luck with it... pm me if you need any help.

ASUS Tuf Gaming Pro x570 / AMD Ryzen 7 5800X @ 3.8 / XFX Radeon 6900 XT / 64 GB DDR4 3200 

"This was not in the Manual I did not read", cried the Noob" - BMBM, WWIIOL

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Great to see you dooom.

I'll surely take you up on your offer.

In fact, I'd still really like to get that Huey mission fixed and finished (started in 1.2).

But I'll PM you about that some other time.


Hope to catch you in the air again soon buddy.



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