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Aircraft Lag - Can't Explain

Oscar Juliet

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I might try to add to this, although the topic isn't clearly explained. On the F99th server for DCS World 2.x, we will have a mission running. As new planes spawn, or a new asset loads, or a missile from a SAM site launches, we have a 70% chance of all clients getting "lag." When I say lag in this case, I mean the frame rate loss on all clients to a slide show. In some cases this will last for up to 10-15 seconds.


This means if you are flying low, you may crash and ruin the flight because you cannot control your aircraft during this time. I have no idea if it's the missions we run, or the way 2.x runs, but it doesn't seem to happen on 1.5.x servers. The game itself does not crash, so I have no logs to submit. Perhaps I can invite some ED testers or otherwise to try out the F99th 2.x server and see if they experience it for themselves. Others are telling me that it happens on most 2.x combat servers.


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This happens on our server too. Again, when new assets spawn, a Harrier tries to VTOL, the server will lag terribly. (2.2 - Nevada - (Inferno))

In VR, you get the Loading spikes.



This ONLY happens when items spawn, so must be script/engine related.

The server is over powered as it is (12-Core Xeon - 16GB - SSD - 2012R2).

So it cant be that......

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Pure speculation on my part here, but I think the bulk of these load 'lag', load 'low fps' issues, are to do with a ton of assets swamping the memory. Be it System memory or Vmem. So when anything new, could be as small as a tracer (texture) loads on a system that is already over stressed, close to maxed out in mem, it has to dump some memory (swap), and make room for the new stuff. And the heavier the 'new' item is on memory, the worse the hit.


Many servers contain most if not all modules, a lot different ground targets and units etc. And the more populated the server is, the more variation there is in modules used, the worse it gets for the clients.

Thats also the reason why some clients cant even make it all the way in, on some populated servers, cause their system ends up swapping memory, and time out.


The memory consumption in DCS can really go out of control quick.

And Normandy has it worse than any other map. Just something with that map, even when empty, that stresses the memory enormously.


Edit: Have to keep in my mind, that DCS modules and many assets (some vehicles in particular), use quite high resolution textures, and the modules use many. So the more variation, the more module liveries in use, the quicker the memory fills up. And it goes fast.

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Even when you're the only one on a particular server, when units spawn in (Through the Inferno) you get stutters/lag/horrible fps for 5-10 seconds.

When I run the same mission in Single Player, everything's smooth as butter.


This leads me to think the issue is somehow related to MP coding. Also, everyone gets stutters in MP regardless of computer hardware. I crashed plenty of times myself because of those stutters interrupting my landing, and my PC is pretty decent (specs in signature).


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