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Viper’s lovers | ED or Partner DCS Module - Free or Payware good Add-on?


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Hello. Currently, Eagle Dynamics is developing the F-18. Fine by me. It’s a good airplane; it deserves a place in this great, modern sim.


Well; what about the Falcon 4’s lost children? Me and I think other DCS players, would really like to see it, on the simulator. Why no interest? Next year, Falcon 4 will have 20 years! Why not celebrate the airplane/game and develop, a good model of it?

The ‘Viper’really deserves to be on DCS in all its glory.


It could be Eagle Dynamics, a partner, a good add-on developer… someone could and should fill the gap and give the modernized F-16, to us. I gladly would pay, 2x the price of the F-18 module; yes, I really like the Falcon.


Aside for the F-16A add-on here, is there another “good/great/superb” model, compatible with the alpha version of DCS? If so, please share; I would be really grateful.


*Right now, I only fly the Hawk and the F-16A ‘mod’, on the Nevada theater (dynamic Red Flag Campaign). As a European; eagerly waiting for the Typhoon.


Regards to all

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Please use Search Functions.


Literally Dozens of threads in the DCS / Wishlist / Section and Mods about F-16,



Simply Put,

A. A F-16C was in development in one stage or another back in 2008/2009, Cockpit Renders were shown, along with WiP 3D External Models


B. An F-16C would require basically all the new tech being integrated into DCS that the F/A-18C Required, including but not limited too:

-- Super Sonic/Trans Sonic Professional Flight Model Behaviors

-- Air to Ground Radar

-- Advanced A2A Radar Modes

-- Advanced Avionics and Systems.


C. There will never be a "Freeware" Fully Functional F-16 Module, as Many of the Systems would require SDK Access to Integrate.

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