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OT: Russian Air Force in Armenia


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Ive seen the camo job done before...Alfa can clarify this one up quickly, or even a few others...but Im almost certain this one belongs to the naval air wing. Dont quote me on that...Ill get owned quite fast if Im wrong...which btw is more often than not.


Hey...at least Im honest. I should be a politician or something.

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Looks like 2 of the 6 pylons are just simply disassembled for maintenance reasons. You can still see the plugs in the place the outer pylons were supposed to be.


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It seems a very logical loadout for QRA, no? Mostly this is not done with a full load of weapons. Many NATO air arms just load two heaters.


I did not expect to see the R-77 either, sionce it is only prolific in Lockon. ;)


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