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Direct-To - Missing functionality


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The "Direct-To button" seems to be missing two of the key functionalities:




Whenever a Airport Identifier, Waypoint or Navigation Aid (from now on called waypoint) is highlited (blinking), like for example in the NRST Page, pressign the "Direct-To button" should bring up the "Direct-To Page" with the previously highlited waypoint allready selected.


However, with the DCS: NS 430, pressing the "Direct-To button" while having any waypoint selected does bring up the "Direct-To page", however, there is no waypoint preselected. This makes the NRST page quite useless, as you still have to enter the waypoint identifiers manually.




After setting a Direct-To route, bringing up the "Direct-To page" (without having any waypoint identifier selected (see point 1)) should show the current Direct-To waypoint, allowing the operator to quickly re-activate the same waypoint, plotting a new Direct-To route.


This however, is not the case in the DCS: NS 430. Bringing up the "Direct-To page" while allready flying directly to a waypoint, shows an empty Direct-To waypoint, forcing you to re-enter the same waypoint you are allready heading too.


This functionality is immensely useful while flying VFR and only using the NS as a loose direction reference and is desinged like that in every Garmin navigation system.

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