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Moving map shows water where there is none


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I created a FARP on the hill above Java, where the default Mi-8 campaign starts. Here's the default map view:




I zoomed out to show that sea/land is displayed correctly when the map scale is small:




I zoomed in and up to this point it looks good:




Then I zoom in once more and get this:


https://imgur.com/gBd6BaB - this is the screen showing what I believe to be a bug


Coordinates page to help you recreate the problem:



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Sorry to revive this, but it seems that the issue is still present. I think the problem is that hires terrain data is missing in a large section of the Caucasus map. To be precise, from 43°00'00"N 43°00'00"E to 41°00'00"N 44°00'00"E.


I have uploaded two screenshots here:



Here you can see the corner of the zone where the terrain data starts to go missing. When zoomed out, the lowres terrain data is there, but when zoomed in, the area turns blue.

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