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Normandy Map May have Been Optimized


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Ok. Maybe its just my imagination or computer ignorance. I got the Normandy map as soon as it was available. Up until yesterday I had three 19" Samsung computer monitors in a triple setup in which the computer was treating all three as one monitor. The monitors are somewhat old and each have a recommended resolution of 1280 x1024 which is what I set each of them. I could completely max the video settings (everything at its fullest maximum past the standard high setting) for the Caucasus and Nevada maps and get a great frame rate with no stutters. I could not do that with the Normandy Map. If I just ran a simple WWII dogfight on the Normandy map with just 4 planes in the air on the preset high settings alone the frame rate was dismal.


Yesterday, I bought and installed three new 32" Samsung tvs to use as monitors. Each have a recommended resolution of 1920x1028 which I set and again have the computer treating them as one monitor. Given the size of the monitors and the higher resolution, I kinda expected a fps hit on all the maps. To my great surprise, I find that I can completely max out the video on ALL the maps including the Normandy one!


Being a computer dunce, it appears to me tha,t if anything, the video card (a gtx 1060) would have to work harder on the much larger monitors and give a slower frame rate. But either I am wrong or the MUCH ANTICIPATED Normandy optimization has recently take place.


Any one have any thoughts on this? I'm certainly am not complaining. The 32" monitors are absolutely gorgeous and to me give a much better visual experience then even the current VR units (which I have tried) because of their greatly restricted field of view and inability to see the keyboard.

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