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SU-33 Dual rocket rails


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So, since we got the updated SU-33 now with some expanded arsenal, what about this nugget:





I have seen screenshots of the dual rocket rails model in DCS, but I don´t think it was ever put in.

Now was this ever fielded operationally or is this just something overlooked because it isn´t really important?


Will we ever see it in DCS?


GCI: "Control to SEAD: Enemy SAM site 190 for 30, cleared to engage"

Striker: "Copy, say Altitude?"

GCI: "....Deck....it´s a SAM site..."

Striker: "Oh...."

Fighter: "Yeah, those pesky russian build, baloon based SAMs."




Best way to troll DCS community, make an F-16A, see how dedicated the fans really are :thumbup:

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