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16th AGR- Flood Our Server Sunday!


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Greetings All!

We at the 16th AGR would like to invite you to our public server for an afternoon/evening of fun on our server. We have a dynamic 1.5 server that we have put a lot of work into and we want to share the fun around. So if you want to have fun in a full scale conflict server, stop on by! The main event starts at 1600Z, but feel free to drop by anytime during the day.

Who are we? We are a group of multi-national DCS players with members all over the world. The 16th AGR is a laid back squad prioritizing fun over everything else. We are celebrating the one year anniversary of our squads formation, and want to share our unique brand of DCS with the community.

Open House Details: Search for 16AGR. Our server hosts a fully dynamic Caucasus map with a large selection of aircraft and objectives. All bases and FARPS can be captured, though it will require teamwork to destroy the enemy units there and move your own in. Capturing them will enable your team to spawn their own units there! We have dynamic events such a convoys and bomber strikes to keep you on your toes. Feel free to swap between CAP, CAS, SEAD, sling loading, air defense, and ground commander!

Join our Teamspeak channel: ts.16agr.com:9152 Password: 16AGR

Join our SRS channel: nullsec.info:5002

If you have any questions, join Teamspeak or find us on our website: http://www.16agr.com

As always we are accepting new members. So if you are looking for a squad with an awesome server, squad events, and module training then drop in an application on our website. You can even get your three recommendations from this event!

Looking forward to seeing everyone Sunday!

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I have a question about the crate delivery. I was at Sochi airbase with Ka-50 and tried to get a crate via F10 menu. There comes a text saying: "No friendly logistics units nearby" how can I successfully get a crate and deliver to FARP with slingload? I can not spawn a crate or find one.


EDIT: There was some friendly Ural Transport trucks nearby. Are they supposed to give crates? How do I get it?

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