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Game crashes after update.

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After having downloaded the update of 29 september, DCS isn't able too start up.


This is the error I'm getting, when I start up the game:

"Can't move C:\Program files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\ downloads\bin/DCS.exe to C:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\bin/DCS.exe: (183) Can not create a file that already exists".


I would like to know if there are people with similar issues and what I can do to fix it.



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mY su33 HAS GONE NUTS ! Brakes are terrible, have to activate nose wheel steering all the time, Wings fold when I start the engines, HOTAS lost many assigned keys, Auto pilots terrible, Carriers dont hold you in the traps for launch, Thrust has dropped by a huge ammount !!!....this last updates a TOTAL MESS!!!!!!

Asus ROG MAXIMUS X Formula

Intel i7- 8700K 4.8ghz

Asus GTX 2080ti OC edition

64 Gb RAM at 3200mhz

Kraken X 72 cooler

Samsung CHG90 monitor at 144 htz

DCS on M.2 drive 500 Gb

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