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Sound file Gain Settings

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I need some help and I don't know where else to post this. There seems to be an issue in all versions of DCS with the gain levels of aircraft in regards to the cockpit_afterburner.sdef sound and the plane_afterburner.sdef sound. Both sounds are astronomically louder in teh F15 and F5 than they are in ANY other plane. All other planes the sound is perfectly fine, but in those 2 aircraft, if you raise the sound to be even barely audible in the Su27 etc it becomes defining.


This, as I understand it, has been plaguing the sound mod community for some time. It really impairs the experience that DCS can provide. Im not necessarily asking for this to be fixed, but help in finding what can be changed in order to fix it and lower the gain for the F15 and F5.


Again, this is occurring, and has been occurring, for as long as I can remember on all versions of DCS and only for the F15 and F5.

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