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"Supremacy" F-16 video


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econoline crush still exists? :-O Damn! I have their first album from like early 2000s or something?!





"Imagine the reason that people hold on to

hatred so stubbornly is because if the hate

is removed, the pain will set in. Do not follow where

the path may lead. Go instead where there is

no path and leave a trail."

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Band - Econoline Crush

Album -The Devil You Know




She goes ballistic on me

Says I don't meet her needs

And she's had enough

I guess

Me, I wish I could be

Satisfied easily

But I'm not



Never enough, now

Never enough, now

Come on take it all away

Never enough, take it all away


She feels the pain that can heal

Has her hands on the wheel

Takes it in and moves along

Me, I elect not to see

Swim the deep tragedy

Drowning in my own self interest


Sorry Death, you lose! It was Professor Plum....

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