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Hover stop and Warthog Throttle


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From what I can tell, the Hover Stop position in the throttle is just a metal plate which causes a detent which needs to be overcome in order to force the throttle past hover position. Is there any way to make the warthog sense the rear detent as that point, and continue to read the position to the rear of that? I played with it for a minute but it seems that reaching that detent is the edge of the throttle limits. When I get home I'll also explore a curve to simulate a dead zone for the Hover Stop.


Anyone have suggestions on the matter? Seems like a small but valuable tool to not have to "find" the Hover setting. I suppose all else fails I could reverse the axis and use the forward detent as the stop but that just seems wrong.

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Yeah, we can't feel the hover stop on our controls so its difficult.


The little cheat I found was to first bind the STO stop to the TMS switch on the stick (or a switch on your throttle if you prefer, any would do), one push forward moves the STO lever one notch forward, one push back for one notch back. I have the slider on the Warthog throttle bound to the nozzle lever, forward for nozzle aft (lever forward). Four pushes on the TMS forward puts the STO stop on the hover stop so when moving the slider ALL the way back I get the nozzle lever at the hover stop. If I want a bit more rev nozzle then one back push on the TMS switch puts the nozzle lever over the hover stop and in the REV zone, one more click rearward of the TMS and its further back. Two clicks forward on the TMS switch and its back on the hover stop. This way you know where the hover stop is, and can control the hover much better looking out rather than keep looking down at the levers to see what they are doing or fixating on the nozzle angle reading on the HUD.


Try it and watch the levers in the cockpit and you'll see how it works, and it does work quite well.


I got the idea from the Sea Harrier FRS1's I worked on IRL years ago. They had a switch on the top of the throttle that with one click forward moved the nozzles 5 deg forward and one click back 5 deg back from the nozzle lever set point to aid landing on the ship. :)

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In my profile, I implemented a system similar to Bart's. I assigned the STO Stop to the China Hat and made it repeating with a REXEC command.


I'm thinking of adding an optional feature in my next version that will utilize the idle stop as a detent. My thinking is this:

  1. Move the left throttle (the nozzle lever) from the idle stop, and the STO Stop moves forward 4 increments to the actual detent.
  2. The STO Stop acts as a hard detent during normal operation.
  3. Moving the left throttle back to the idle stop moves the STO Stop all the way back. The Throttle is already at its minimum setting, and will follow the STO Stop all the way.


While you lose precision between 80-100 degrees, it's a thought. I'm also open to suggestions.

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I decided to map the nozzles to the grey slider on the side, but set an X saturation of 63. That way the center detent is the vertical hover stop.



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