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Bomb delivery in AUTO mode


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The ASL right now seems to be quite unusable. You can chase the ASL with your TVV all day, but that will never align you corretly for a good release. If the ASL is i.e. left of your TVV and you bank slightly left, the ASL wanders off to the right. You have to level off again to re-judge your steering error and try again ...


Gathering from the RL NATOP manuals, the release cue should also appear a few momentes before it starts to fall. This does not happen in my tests - it just suddenly appeared and started to move down immediately.


At first, I wondered, if I did something wrong, because my target designator symbology was never the "diamond" for a locked target. It looks rather than what I assume is the Mav. target designator symbol, a square with 4 ticks at each side on the inside of the square.


This looks quite like WIP, or did I make some mistakes?

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