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Harrier MFD Export To Secondary Monitor Bug


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I use another external monitor to show my plane's MFDs.


The MFDs only show up properly in the harrier ONLY when you are in F2 EXTERNAL view. When I'm in interior cockpit view, the screen is completely black.


I know it's a bug, but it's kind of useless to have them working only when in external view wink.gif

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RMFCD and LMFCD Turn On/Off


| i9 9900K Octa Core 2TB SSD +32GB Spectrix DDR4 @3200MHz RGB | 2 x Radeon RX480 in Crossfire. | TrackIR5 HOTAS Warthog,MFG Crosswind Pedals | Cougar MFDs |


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"Through The Inferno"

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Is it possible to make them be on at startup? It's weird behaviour and inconsistent with the rest of DCS aircraft

My controls & seat


Main controls: , BRD-N v4 Flightstick (Kreml C5 controller), TM Warthog Throttle (Kreml F3 controller), BRD-F2 Restyling Bf-109 Pedals w. damper, TrackIR5, Gametrix KW-908 (integrated into RAV4 seat)

Stick grips:

Thrustmaster Warthog

Thrustmaster Cougar (x2)

Thrustmaster F-16 FLCS



Standby controls:

BRD-M2 Mi-8 Pedals (Ruddermaster controller)

BRD-N v3 Flightstick w. exch. grip upgrade (Kreml C5 controller)

Thrustmaster Cougar Throttle

Pilot seat



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It is actually pretty great. I only have 1 screen but it is very helpful especially for night flying. only thing I don’t like is the new transparent presentation and that both screens default position is on top of eachother. Placement, size and transparency would be great to have control over in special options tab.

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