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DCS 2.2 Cannot Join Any Multiplayer Server


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i recently updated to 2.2 openalpha , since then cannot join serves even though these servers are fo 2.2 or perhaps i am mistaken


++ side note can i enable some sort of debug with keeps logs in game directory or something to that effect ?


just to troubleshoot further as i am pretty sure it is not a network or security problem


what happens is i join a server and it keeps loading for 10 minutes or so then back to main menu with no exit message e.g connection time out or something



please help , or perhaps i need 2.1 to join multiplayer again

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DCS logs are stored in %userprofile%\Saved Games\DCS World.openalpha\Logs.


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2.1.x - Textures:High Terrain:High Civ.Traffic:Off Water:High VisRan:Low Heatblur:High Shadows:High Res:1920x1080 RoC:1024 MSAA:4x AF:16x HDR:OFF DefS: ON GCI: ON DoF:Off Lens: OFF C/G:390m Trees:1500m R:max Gamma: 1.5


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For me yes, stuck on loading screen in 2.2 and ping timeout in 1.5.7 except for Just Dogfight server (in 1.5.7) that is the only server I can load into.

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Honestly guys i took some blind shots not evidence approach troubleshooting and i deleted DCS openalpha directory from saved games , and then let game create it there also i did a repair on installation from CMD


however i am still reviewing old logs to see what might be a possible cause


Unread 12-13-2017, 01:02 PM #2



thanks for answer



anyway everything working fine for me now


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