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Fixing the VR Vive Crashing in DCS


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I have been plagued with a crash problem using my Vive VR in DCS 2.1/2.2

If I ran Spitfire in Normandy on the Low graphics preset, all ran ok. As soon as I increased the graphics markedly by turning on Deferred Shading or increasing Textures to High, the game would crash during the loading of the spitfire module, throwing up Out of Memory errors and/or DCS.exe has stopped working.

I finally managed to fix it:

1. I went into the Steam VR interface and turned off 'Allow asynchronous reprojection' . Reran the game, and of course it was blurry, stuttering and horrible BUT it did not crash. Not even when I set the graphics preset to High.

2. I went back into the Steam VR interface and turned ON 'Allow asynchronous reprojection' (AR). The game ran fine without crashing even on the High preset.


I suppose there is some logic in the fix in that AR is the mechanism that is designed to smooth out missing frames, and the number of missing frames will increase as the graphics detail is increased.


I have no idea though why turning AR off and then turning it back on should have cleared the background problem that was causing the crash.

Hopefully my experience will help anyone that gets the same problem

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