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Couple of VR Bugs for 2.2 Relase


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Hi all,


Since the 2.2 Release I can finally play Normandy with great frame rates in VR...its been amazing the difference from 2.1.1. I simply haven't been able to fly that map for the past 4-months or so due to poor performance.


Just noticed a couple of bugs that can be thrown in the list.


1. VR mirrors.. the are reversed in use


dont use them much but when I lean forward i get smaller and vice versa


2. Waves rolling onto the beach in windy conditions- right eye is rendering fine, left eye textures are flickering


3. White caps missing - Flying online with a friend in non-VR he said can you see all the white caps from the wind on the ocean... i said no. So no white cap effects in VR.


Small minor things but just thought i'd put it in the mix.



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