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New Machine,SLI Dream part 2 photos


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The new machine. Photo of my 3 monitor setup. I7-2600k dual 580's. Other machine 3770k dual 680's. Other machine I7 980k dual 780's . Several other machines sitting are new builds several years ago but never fired up...Various cpu's but all have dual gpu's. Photo of flight controllers, Oculus. Photo of my Sony 50in 4k. Photo of my flight instruments that will go into my motion system setup. The base part is from WW2 Link trainer. Took 8 months to rebuild it. :music_whistling:


I will wait until 2.5 comes out before I load all my DCS software. Have a 500gb ssd removable that I intend to load up with DCS. I assume it should be ok as I will plug it into the same machine. :thumbup:


Lazduc :D


Several of the photos did not make it.








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Isn't it also just pure fun to work that hardware ?


I always loved to build PC's with nice parts, patience and a good tune :smilewink:


Nice !

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I have been building computers and aircraft and electronic devices seems like forever. LOL


I will post a few photos of my WW2 Link Trainer project. I enjoy it very much.


I retired from Hewlett-Packard where I developed and built mechanical/programming and electronic testing platforms and programs. Besides being bicycle affectionado, a number of us engineers, were into flight simulators.


It also helped that one of the major Drone manufactures is just down the road. And of course Intel and Nvidia were also a couple of stone throws away.


There is also a group who's interest is Rockets...large ones...need FAA approval to fly.



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