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Make "set wallpaper" feature from all modules available to everyone for more sales


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as the title say.


Currently if you buy the module you get to have the wallpaper with that module in DCS main Menu. That is very nice... for owners but the owners already payed so... But why keeping it away from people who haven't bought it yet? Is not like they see it and they can't have it also is not really a part of the module itself.


If you make available the feature for everybody... then people that haven't bought one module could set the wallpaper theme from that module and now seeing it... potentially in a repeated fashion as they start and stop DCS World... the chances that they might like the module more and buy it increases... from the base line which is... they don't get to see the wallpaper.


This brings us to part two... wallpapers should be really good and maybe contain in the theme more than just one picture so people can see the aircraft in different perspectives (exterior and maybe interior) and of course make the possibility that the wallpaper is fixed for people that might not care about this. Something simple like putting 3 small buttons in the interface << ... || > ... >>


P.S. I am aware that anyone can change the wallpaper and put whatever they want... Just saying as a marketing gimmick for ED.


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