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OK..Civilian aircraft AI works. Progress of B707


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Finally through trials (no (critical )error at this time)

using uboats KJ-2000 AI mod's script as a template I figured out the art pipeline...


Known issues and problems

Weird normal at the edge of the windshield.

Low polygon state engine pylon.

Pretty empty cockpit right now.

Animation problem (I use an IK solver for the main gear)

No damage detailed model.



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I5 8600K - MSI Z370 M5 Gamming - MSI 1070Ti - 32Gb DDR4 3600MHz - 2TB+32gb Optane - 1 TB NVME - 1TB SSD - :joystick: TM Warthog

FC3 - Mirage - Hawk (RIP) - F5E - L39 - F14B -A4E C- UH1H - AV8BNA - F16C - FA-18C - Ka50- Apache-A10CII


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