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***** VVS504 Bomber Wing – The Motherland needs YOU!!! *****

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The VVS504 Bomber Wing..

Operating the Su-25 Frogfoot and Su-25T exclusively, we are now recruiting.!




We’re looking for pilots who have a desire to learn and excel in “moving mud”, a good attitude and a good sense of humour :megalol:


If you are looking to develop your skills in the “Frog”, or perhaps are already a seasoned stick, we would welcome your participation on our server, or join us on one of our regular training sessions.


The Bomber Wing Waiting for clearance on a training night.



To find out more about us, who we are and what we’re like, you can...


Visit our website and forums: http://www.vvs504.co.uk


Join us on Hyperlobby on “VVS504 – Server” or "VVS504 Air2Grnd" server.


And our Teamspeak server: http://www.vvs504.co.uk:8765

If you’ve never joined a squad before, or are looking for a new home, give us a try. We have a relaxed atmosphere but a professional attitude once in the air with training flights twice a week.


Look for any of us wearing the <504> / (504) tags, we’d be happy to have you along for some ground-pounding fun :joystick:


Interested? Join up at http://www.vvs504.co.uk/

"But (504)Brewber said they were'nt friendly.. So I took'em out.!"



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