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Your oppinion on Ergodex customer support?


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Hi all,

anybody been on the Ergodex website lately to search for Vista drivers for the DX1? If not: Save your time, you will probably never get them:mad:

On their homepage the question is not "When will I get Vista support from Ergodex", the question is "What can I do to get Vista support". And the answer they give you inbetween the lines is simply: Go and buy our pad again, but the new one we distribute via CH Products. They refuse to comment on any plans wether or not the DX1 will be supported by Vista - and for me that's a rather clear: No, it won't be:mad:

Man, I bought the DX1 1.5 years ago and spent a lot of money for that thing that I don't need anymore since TouchBuddy came out - and now I can put it in the garbage can. If you complain in their forums, your postings are deleted shortly after:huh:

You decide for yourself what consequences you see from that "customer support". I for myself will never again spend a dime on Ergodex products, and now they work together with CH I'm not so sure about CH anymore. Just thought I'd spread the word (and I hope many more will do on other forums).

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