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Artillery Ranges

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OK, this is all stuff that I scribbled over the last 3 years in my Lockon notebook, hence some in km, some in Nm, so apologies for that.


Smersh, Grad will fire a spill taking 40 secs / 20 secs respectively then will reload (about 15min?) before firing again.


Gvozdika - 6 rnds per min

Akatsia - 4 rnds per min

Msta - 8 rnds per min

Bereg - 10 rnds per min

Nona - 8 rnds per min



Max ranges




Smersh 70km

Grad 20km

MLRS 31km


M109 15nm

SAU Berg 18.5nm

SAU Gvozdika 15nm

SAU Akatsia 15nm

SAU Msta 15nm

SAU Nona 5.5nm




Naval artillery


Ticonderoga 14.5km

Perry 14.5km


Moscow 20km

Neustrashimy 21.5km

Rezky 21.5km

Albatros 6km

Molniya 15km



Tanks - all 2400m


APC cannon - all 1000m


APC missiles


M2 3000m (7 shots)

BMP3 4000m (9 shots)

BMP2 4000m (5 shots)

BMP1 3000m (6 shots)

BMD1 3000m (3 shots)



AA against ground targets


Shilka 1800m

Gepard 2900m

Vulcan 2800m

Avenger 1300m

Tunguska 1400m


Hope this helps....


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That is an excellent list and jives with what I have also BRD. It should be mentioned that for Arty, there must be an AWACS in the air or they will only fire with Line of Sight (Unless that has changed).

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