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TPOD and DMT collision


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Hi there,


This is a semi-bug report ;)


I don't know if this is really a bug, or if this is how the TPOD and DMT are supposed to work together, but I find it quite weird (which is why I report it here).


I'm aware that the TPOD behavior is different on hot vs cold started airplanes ; I tried this with both and it is always happening.


1. Setup the DMT on Right MPCD

2. Go to TV mode on the DMT

3. Setup the TPOD on Right MPCD (replacing the DMT)

4. Turn it on (STBY) and activate TDC control

5. Move the camera down with the TDC Aft button (held)

6. Release the TDC Aft button when ground is visible in the camera

7. The TPOD display on the Right MPCD is replaced by the DMT display

8. Setup the TPOD on the Right MPCD again. Turn it on if needed.

9. Move the TDC anywhere

10. When you stop moving the TDC the DMT display replaces the TPOD on the Right MPCD


The outcome is different if you setup the DMT on the Left MPCD : each time you designate a new target in the DMT (when you stop slewing the TDC), the DMT image on the Left MPCD actualises to the new target. This is the documented behavior...

Zip - VEAF :pilotfly:


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