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Well I did it...

Nosferatuwhisky 1-1

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This morning I got myself the AV-8, had to get something more modern than the F-5

To whet my appetite for ground striking in the lull before the Hornet drops.


I’m so excited and loved my day learning to send Mavs and Gbu-16s on target, so teething problems with how to properly laze for myself but I got it figured out in the end.


Can’t wait to fly some strike missions along side and in some Hornets soon.


Love that sweet ground attack! Uhrah!


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Same here, bought the Harrier not long after buying the Hornet, just to see me through. Glad I did though, it's a magnificent machine and thoroughly enjoy it; look forward to the updates from Razbam.

Windows 10 Home, Intel Core i7-9700K @ 4.6GHz, Gigabyte GTX 1070 G1 Gaming (8GB VRAM) on 34" LG curved monitor @ 3440x1440, 32GB RAM, TrackIR 3 (with Vector Expansion), Thrustmaster Warthog HOTAS, Saitek Combat Pedals, Thrustmaster Cougar MFDs.

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