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The dreaded "Disconnecting from the Swarm" problem


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I'm trying to install DCS World 2.5 on a Win7 64 bit machine. DCS Updater would download the main program via the swarm but hang after it completes the download at "Disconnecting from the swarm". I finally got past this issue by going into the Program Files, Eagle Dynamics, bin, and running DCS_updater.exe repair from the command prompt.


So, now DCS World is installed with the two default aircraft, I log into my account to download Nevada and other planes I purchased. The torrent download begins but once again hangs on the "Disconnecting from the swarm"


Not to worry, I can use my "DCS_updater.exe repair" trick, but it does not work for this.


So, I am stuck at DCS World with the two default aircraft and cant go further, any recommendations?? Thanks


btw, the Win10 installation on another machine went flawlessly.

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