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Bomb Strength Mods

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hey all -


i was wondering if there was a mod, or instructions on how to increase the strength of some of the bombs in version 2.5? i drop a 1000lb bomb in a group of planes, and some of them 25 ft away don't have a single scratch.


now i dont know what the shrapnel radius on these guys actually are, but i just feel like it should be a little stronger.


any help would be appreciated!

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Couple of ED folks have pointed out that while the external damage models are "binary" (either they look blown up or they don't) the actually efficacy of a unit can be degraded by degrees (look at the health bar in the F10 view)


You might be doing more damage than you think...



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As someone who regularly works with explosives and has intimate familiarity on how to either maximize or minimize explosive hazards presented by military ordnance, i wondered this too. You're talking about the MK83 1000lb warhead which is made of typical ordnance grade steel and uses about 450 lbs of Tritonal 80/20 as a filler. Your primary hazards on the MK81-MK84 are blast overpressure and fragmentation from the bomb case with the largest (and furthest flying) pieces being the baseplate, strongback, and lifting lugs. Overpressure is important for the sim because the soft squishy humans cant hide from it. You might miss the vehicle but the driver and passengers would have a nasty TBI. Fragmentation pokes holes in humans or objects and the like, but like any projectile, its mostly line of sight.


Keeping this in mind, the two measurements used in explosive safety work are K-Factors and MFDH (maximum fragmentation distance horizontal). For your mk 83 warhead your MFDH is approximately 300.74YDS (275Meters) with an initial estimated fragment speed of about 18,000 ft/sec. Without getting into the heavy math your K-factors for the same warhead are:

K-328 (recommended evac distance for non-essential personnel) = 921.92 YDS (843M)

K-50 (recommended evac for essential personnel) = 141.08 YDS (129M)

K-24 (Absolute minimum evac distance for essential personnel) = 67.8 YDS (62M)

Remember, you can hide from frag, but not from blast. I wouldn't want to be near that minimum if i didn't absolutely need to be.)


Anything closer than 65 YDS is pretty much guaranteed injury up to and including death the closer you get. Understand that these pressure values are baseline with the assumption that the individual has both frontal and overhead cover from the blast.


Based on my experience, aircraft and light skinned vehicles on the ground would be susceptible to damage of some sort at about 0-120 yds from a MK83. Understand that im just a simple EOD Tech so im basing that range on my pretty basic understanding of aircraft construction, and extensive experience blowing sh!t up.

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thanks for the input, guys.


i'm not entirely sure specifically what i'm asking for, but just a way to make some of the bombs have a higher damage radius for light vehicles and planes on the ground. i vaguely remember there being a mod like this around before but can't find it.


edit: i think this is what i was thinking of, though not sure if it works anymore in the new version: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=159795&highlight=bomb

edit 2: looking through the thread, they do say it's been updated for 2.5, so i'll give it a try

Acer Predator Triton 700 || i7-7700HQ || 512GB SSD || 32GB RAM || GTX1080 Max-Q || FFB II and Thrustmaster TWCS Throttle || All DCS Modules

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