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We currently have Coalition All or Part, Group All or Part, and Unit, in/out of zone respectively. Does anyone else see a need for UnitType in/out of zone w/ a Counter? Example:


Trigger Type - - - Condition: Unit Type in Zone: AH-64D, ZoneName, Count: 2 - - - Function runs if true (two Apaches in zone).


My thinking is this would allow mission builders to account for dynamically added objects without the need for lua scripts as well as an added check that lies somewhere between coalition and group. What are the possibilities that ED would put something like this in ME, or is there something similar to this out there that I am missing?


Also, I realize Cargo is a touchy, worky in processy subject. However, I think CargoType unhooked in zone w/ a count: might be more suitable for the mission editor than "Cargo unhooked in zone". Same logic follows as above, you can dynamically add cargo to your mission however, (please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong) you cannot build triggers on dynamically spawned cargo, without the need for an elaborate script. I also feel that you would be able to design missions with a true logistical supply line around this function, i.e. when largo cargo type is in zone, it is de-spawned and broken down into medium type cargo, that is distributed to other zones, and again de-spawned and broken down into small cargo, that is distributed into other zones, that run a function.


I realize I may be asking for the moon, but I personally feel having these added conditions in the ME would only enhance mission designing. Feel free to disagree. :)

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