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Aircrafts' spotting "dots" pass objects.


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I noticed this bug today in MP. I hadn't the time to check in SP or in other servers, so can you guys confirm the bug pls?


Bug: you now that when an aircraft is far away in the sky and you spot it with a blurred, grey square that the engine places in his 3d position even if the aircraft is really too small to be rendered?

Well, today I was taxiing at senaki and an f15 was taxiing too but there was an hangar between me and him, but I was able to see the "dot" reporting he was there.

Same thing when airborne, I was able to see the dots of the aircrafts on the ground passing through my wings. Didn't check if it happens with airborne airframe.

So I think that the bug is that these "dots" (I am sorry but I don't know how to really call them) are not masked by the solids.

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