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Help with Maverick please


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I am going nuts with the Maverick. I cant get rid of the

four diagonal lines on HUD and I know I have 4 mavericks

on My rails.


I am including my last TRK file as I finally got the AGM to appear

on the place its suppose to and I Cage/uncage does nothing.


I have watched many videos and the new tutorial

by Chuck Owl and am going nuts !!!!


So many hours trying to get one to fire.



Also I cannot get my harrier controls to ever stay saved

and have to set them up every time.



The trk file seems to be a gif, so no joy might be over 5 megs, I dont know

no Maverick.trk

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I'm thinking the root cause of the issue is that your controls are messed up somehow. You should not have to reset them each time you launch the sim. Once that is sorted out then the Maverick problem will likely be fixed as well.


Perhaps try removing any mods (if you have them) and do a repair. I've never heard about a problem with control settings clearing after you shut down the sim.


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