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Joystick / Throttle Clamp to Chair Mounts?

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I seem to recall seeing mounting bases for joysticks or throttles that would clamp to the arm of an office chair but searches of Google and E-Bay have not produced anything similar. Anyone know of such a beast?



Gigabyte GA97XSLI

Core i7 4790 @ 4.0 Ghz

MSI GTX 1080ti

32 Mb RAM DDR3-2133

512GB SSD for DCS

HP Reverb VR HMD

Thrustmaster Warthog & MFG Crosswind

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As a temporary measure, I cut-to-fit two boards (3/4" plywood) vertically under the arms of my computer chair and then mounted two more boards horizontally (sorta like wings LOL).


On the left wing, I have throttle, mouse, and keyboard. On the right wing, I have the joystick and headphones. I'm using a Thrustmaster HOTAS X, which needed an extension of the cable between the units to allow fitting so far away. I used two Cat 5 cables to do this (saw it on a YT video).

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