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Operation Rebirth: a Cold War Multiplayer Ka-50 mission.

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Resumed backstory: The Wall never came down. The Cold War went hot in 1993. War in Germany got over in less than a month with the German exit from NATO. Focus of the war moved to the Transcaucasian Military District. Until Category I units arrive from Far East and Western fronts, you are part of an experimental section of 4 Ka-50 whose mission is to delay the advance of NATO









This is my first complex mission ever! With the help of my squad buddies from =RvE=, the aim of this mission is to test its reception by the community, and then proceed to make a full campaign on the same backdrop. It is intended to represent a full scale conflict with the current hardware limits present nowadays, therefore I strongly recommend the following DCS Settings:


- Terrain Shadows: Flat or even Off.

- Civilian Traffic: Off

- MSAA: Off

- Visibility: Ultra. Extreme would be hardware permiting.

- 2-4 players recommended.














Enjoy it! Any feedback of question about it, please do not hesitate to ask!.



Edited by Veritech


"Alis Aquilae Aut Pax Aut Bellum"


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I've been waiting for someone to do a backdrop like this. Screenshots look amazing, really looks like an actual war happening.


I do hope you keep your inspiration and are indeed going to make a campaign! Throw some voice acting in along with good briefings and kneeboard pages and you should be able to sell it as DLM.

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