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A tribute to DCS


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Win 10 64 bit, 2T Hard Drive, 1T SSD, 500GB SSD, ASUS Prime Z390 MB, Intel i9 9900 Coffee Lake 3.1mhz CPU, ASUS 2070 Super GPU, 32gb DDR4 Ram, Track IR5, 32” Gigabyte curved monitor, TM Warthog HOTAS, CH Pedals, Voice Attack, hp Reverb G2.

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Nicely done ! DCS has become such a Beauty

CPU: Intel I5-2400 @ 3,1GHz

RAM: 28GB Corsair XMS DDR3

GPU: Gainward Geforce GTX 1060 6GB

Win 7 - 64 Pro

Mad Catz Saitek Cyborg V.1

/ Track IR5


Running DCS 2.5 on dedicated Sandisk 240GB SSD

Modules: FC3/CA/Gazelle/P51/F5/FA-18C/A4-Community Mod

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