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Waypoint Names - Where did they come from?


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I created a mission that had few names assigned by me. I certainly didn't name any waypoints. Then I must have hit a key or some naming command and now all my waypoints and stuctures have names that all look computer generated... they look like a variation of the following:


5: DictKey_WptName_370

6: DictKey_WptName_178



I suspect these are normally hidden? How do I get rid of them. They show up on the map as a ton of clutter.





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It is the name for a unit in the miz file itself. Then within the .miz there is another file for localization, which is all text for whatever language a player might be using for the game. The Dictkey shows up if the .miz was corrupted/unable to save. Only way to fix it is to rename everything or work from an earlier version.

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