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Navigation to WP HIKO

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I tried to do some navigation practise with F-5. (I've purchased the BFM campaign, but I'm not able to shoot down any of my enemy. I suck, I know.) I used mission 2 kneeboard which I printed, but these seems to be no info for navigation point HIKO. How do I get there?


And a second question. Is there a way to get navigation info for my own routes? I'm a noob with mission planner?


Thanks! :)

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HIKO isn't a specific NAV point, it's a town. So if you fly due EAST you will see it. This would be visual navigation and not something you can use the TACAN for (though Student Gap is in the same general direction so you could use that as a heading reference).


When you create your own mission a line will be drawn between your aircraft and your next waypoint. Depending on where you placed your waypoint you could get nav info for it if the waypoint was placed close to a known NAV point.


For example when you takeoff from Nellis you could have a waypoint at 12 nm on heading of 090. Then you could set your TACAN to reference Nellis and fly the reciprocal 090 heading until you hit 12nm.


Since the F-5E doesn't have a navigation HUD it's a little more challenging but once you learn TACAN you can pretty easily get yourself to any point on the map knowing the heading and distance from a known nav point.


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