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CCRP + TGP Self Laze


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I'm this this is just operator error, but I spent two days and watching every youtube video out there trying to figure this out and just can't get it. I can do CCRP just fine with the DMT.


This is starting airborne in a quick custom mission with GBU12s. I think I've re-checked the basics enough times, but:

- Master arm on

- Air to ground mode on

- GBU12s selected on MFD stores page

- Mode AUTO

- Fuze - IN or something like that

- TGP off standby, laser armed, set to laser, firing, etc.


I don't get any HUD indicators as expected, although I am able to drop the GBUs any time I want. I do get HUD indicators for CCIP and whatever the other mode is called, but I get the same behavior from the bombs no matter what mode I'm in (it's just odd there's no HUD indicator for CCRP). The bombs simply free fall on whatever their normal trajectory would be.


I tried lazing well in advance, just prior to dropping, just after dropping, and closer to the terminal flight of the bombs, and it none of that changes the behavior.


Suggestions? Thanks in advance. I can do some tracks and stuff, although GeForce Experience doesn't seem to capture the Oculus very well... I just get a black video for some reason.

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You are getting the vertical line indicating your flight path? I find the Harrier is much more finicky to stay on course than the A-10, and it seems even a degree or two of deviation from the correct course can be enough for the flight path vertical marker on the HUD to be absent.

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Did you set the laser code on the GBU to 1688?

System: 9700, 64GB DDR4, 2070S, NVME2, Rift S, Jetseat, Thrustmaster F18 grip, VPC T50 stick base and throttle, CH Throttle, MFG crosswinds, custom button box, Logitech G502 and Marble mouse.

Server: i5 2500@3.9Ghz, 1080, 24GB DDR3, SSD.

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I don't get the vertical line at all.


I forgot to mention, I was trying to change the laser code and that didn't work either. I'm pretty sure it was defaulted to 1688 but I may need to double check that. Regardless, it wasn't letting me change it. I can type in a number, but nothing happens when I press enter.

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