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Steps to mitigate damage or prolong flight after being hit.


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Does anyone have a list of what to do when the various warning indicators start blinking.


Some seem obvious but, partial electrical failure, engines, hydraulics, oil pressure and fuel flow come to mind. Obviously total loss of is problematic of any system.



In the event of engine damage, does damage get progressively worse with time? (fire vs physical damage), assuming no action taken.

Does loss of a single generator prevent normal continued power output?

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Follow the emergency procedures checklist.


I believe there is one in the manual, or this one http://en.wiki.eagle.ru/w/images/2/2e/25th_VFS_Checklists_Emergency_Procedures.pdf


A lot of squadrons have their own documents. The 476th might have a public one, but don't quote me on that


Use google to find more information



Everybody gotta be offended and take it personally now-a-days

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The excellent 476thvFG site has some great manuals and guides. The A10C manual is very logically laid out and contains all the main recovery procedures. For my own personal use ive taken this and cut it down to the recovery procedures then added a coloured page before each sub section for easy quick reference.


Then Ive used the Custom Kneeboard program to incorporate it into the in game material.


Having it handy suits my noob status nicely when I invariably get battered doing a poorly executed and suicidally stupid gun run.

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