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Question on proper lead using A/A-1 mode (DG)


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I've read the other threads on A/A-1 vs A/A-2 and I understand the general principles. A/A-1 is showing where bullets fired one time of flight ago would be hitting now. A/A-2 is showing where bullets fired now will hit after one time of flight. Got it.


What I'm having trouble with is determining how to calculate appropriate lead with A/A-1, particularly since I find I almost always end up using DG mode in turning combats. DG defaults to A/A-1 no matter what I have dialed into the ASG-31. I'm finding I'm often in turning fights with F-5Es or MiG-21s where I have moderate angle off (so I'm looking down on the planform) yet I'm still able to potentially track in a gun solution for a few seconds (more than just a momentary snapshot). In these situations, I just can't seem to get the hang of how far in front to place the pipper. It feels like having radar ranging is almost useless since I'm practically back to eyeballing it and guesstimating lead.


Any tips on how to interpret the A/A-1 mode so I know where to put the pipper for accurate shooting? Particularly as I'm starting the first real mission of the BFM campaign (where you face three F-5s in sequence), I need to conserve my 12 sec of ammo.

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I always end up using DG mode as well. Radar is next to useless IMO.

If you ever get ANY success in the first BFM mission, then please PM me as I tried and gave up!

I had a long thread going here https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=201977 on this. Can’t remember if you contributed there or not.

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