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Emergency Recovery


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I was practicing standard Navy carrier recovery approach in F-5E without intention of touch and go. Over ramp I paused, to admire my work. I was a little high and bit to the left. However when I unpaused I was still in external view. So A/C bounced hard, broke all three gear struts, broke off the stbd wingtip. Happily both engines worked, but stores drop system failed to function for port missile. So I recovered at Kabuleti. The aircraft wanted to bank and turn by itself due to wing damage. On touchdown , popped the drag chute. Trk attached. Lesson, do not uppause when in external view and 5 meters above deck.


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Man I love watching myself and others in DCS, the graphics are just fantastic, even on my average rig. I have had more, er, "mishaps" in this game then I ever did in Arma or IL2 1946....and I played IL2 for like 13 years. Man, you are NOT alone!!



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If I can help it, I prefer not use FC3 or 25T. Except SU-33 with Kuz. I want to use PFM ASM enabled platform only. So its either F-5E, A-10C, or Mig-21bis. Of three F-5E is most appropriate, untill we get F/A-18C or Goshawk variant of BAE Hawk trainer, for actual carrier quasi-quals. Damn I would love to have A-4M Skyhawk USMC variant with ARBS . I have not yet plunked for AV-8B, as my current rig is obsolescent for that module. But it is on my to-do list. Anyhow F-5E is right bow the best, subjectively, module for DCS for training and tactics work. I noticed that if SA threat is SA-6 (Kub) or SA-8, or their Naval variants. Beaming the radar and/or missile while low to the weeds, is effective. Don't even need to punch CM. TOR, Tonguska are nearly impossible for me to shake, if I am in their engagement range. S300 is doable in F-5E, by staying low. Hawk is almost ineffective, provided I stay low. When I mean low, I mean 100 AGL. Never below 50, even at 100 AGL it feel like I am 10 ft AGL. Above 200 feet AGL SA-6 and 8 are deadly. Also deadly if SAM radar and launcher are at higher AGL then F-5E. For MANPADS, with skill set to RANDOM, AI usually fails to take the shot. This is reverse of A-10C, where MANPADS almost always shoot. With F-5E, dusk or dawn attack, and MANPADS don't engage.

What I find difficult is that if I am trying to bomb vehicle column with Snakeyes, I have very poor accuracy with snap runs. The sight is such that I have to be in 20 or 30 dive, and at 400knots, and release at 1500 meter slant range. So I try to bomb by eye, with DEPR at 80 mil(down) and eyeball the release at 200-250 feet. With MK-82 , I frag my self, so MK-82HD is required, or rockets/guns. Even with rockets and guns with DEPR at 15 (DOWN) and at 200 or below AGL with 400 knots, there is very little of downnose allowed for engagement.

So in DCS with F-5E is like learning to fight with bare rifle with iron sights only. With A-10C with CCIP, CCRP, and Guns, is like an M4A1/M16A3 with combat optics. Much more precise and flexible. F-5E is old school air-ground work.No sensors, no lasers, no Mavs. Just iron bombs with PD fusing, rockets, and guns.

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I paused, to admire my work.


I hear you man! I know that feeling. I give myself a candy everytime I feel like I deserve it

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