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Battery draining even with ground power


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I would need to check or get a spitfire expert to comment, but my understanding was the ground power was just for the starter and radios and so on, it did not charge the onboard battery.


If I am wrong I am sure someone will correct me :)


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Did the "starter charger" exist during the Second World War?

An auxiliary park group only serves to save the batteries on board.

With the invention of the APUs (auxiliary power unit) we can do without it. Maybe that's where the confusion comes from. But that did not exist at the time for the spitfires.

It's funny to see people imagine that everything was like nowadays during the period of warbirds.

On the other hand when the park group is connected, the battery is not solicited, so no voltage drop to observe.

Maybe it's a bug or a programming error.

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