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TAC19 - Targets of Opportunity


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Good Morning Sabre / Good Morning Everybody


First of all, again: I enjoy this campaign really very much. Due to busy real life I looked forward excitedly to the past weekend. Finally, in the Day Mission Management PO I could bring together what the campaigns taught me. The feeling of giving CAS is special (to me at least). It's a good mix of slow and fast paced moments. Unfortunately, I had to leave the mission uncompleted due to real life is a bicth.


The mission briefing says "Attack Targets of Opportunity". Is the completion of TIC calls enough to pass this PO or is the destruction of "targets of opportunity" required? I didn't attack any targets of opportunity because I wanted to preserve ammunition for the TIC calls.


Fly safe



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Hello Sabre,


Enjoying TTQ missions. Another question on TTQ#19... As expected there are several calls for CAS by various ground TIC as expected. There are additional options that show up later after UZI and EYEBALL for various other flights BOAR and SPRINGFIELD flight to assist with CAS. I read the TAC19 mission briefing, but the "Mission Objectives" are very short. How do I know when to clear in FORD flight? What is the best use of BOAR and SPRINGFIELD for CAS? Perhaps I am missing something in the docs. Any additional tips for success?




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The TIC calls are the priority for TAC19. The other flights are there so you can get some experience working with other assets besides your own flight.


The mission success is measured against the TIC targets destruction.


For FORD flight you can detect the target they are attacking on the TAD and then slew your TGP to it so you can give BDA (via the F10 menu) - similar to TAC18.


For BOAR and SPRINGFIELD flights you can clear them when desired but remember you don't want too many assets in the AO at the same time as the risk of a mid-air increases with the number of aircraft in the area.


We recommend that you clear FORD flight after you have completed all the TIC targets first and then let BOAR and SPRINGFIELD fly as cleanup (since they will attack other targets of opportunity).


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