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CASE I CV traffic


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I am trying to build a generic CASE I CV traffic pattern with a few problems and wanted to get some tips.


So the goal is to setup the AI traffic in the CASE I pattern so that you can join (get in formation) and then proceed with a CASE I recovery and land on the carrier. See the attached pic for the basic pattern per US Navy. The idea is to have two F/A-18C at the same altitude (e.g. 2000) at opposite ends of the oval pattern (port overhead holding pattern). Seems simple.


My first issue is creating an oval/circular orbit for the aircraft to fly. I setup waypoints in the mission builder, but the aircraft end up flying more or less a rectangle pattern due to the limitations in the editor (point and line between waypoints). Next issue is the AI aircraft seem to be engaging their afterburners after every turn and have pretty erratic airspeed and AoA behavior, which makes it hard to fly formation on the AI aircraft (I've reduced fuel weight with no change). I set the AI aircraft in the mission builder to fly a GS of 270 while in the pattern, not sure why they are having such a hard time with that speed and flying smoothly.


Once I get these issues addressed I would build a full stack of aircraft (hornets, tomcats, prowlers, vikings, and hawkeyes) at the correct altitudes to complete the recovery package.


The bigger issue, which I've raised before, is the AI do not know how to fly a correct carrier pattern (distance and altitude). But hopefully that will be addressed with the release of the F/A-18C.


Thanks for any tips or advice on how to replicate the basic CASE I recovery stack that offers consistent/smooth AI flights in an oval pattern.





CSG-1 VFA-25

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There is an option in Advanced Waypoint Actions to restrict their afterburner usage, but beyond that you're unlikely to have much success, unfortunately. Even if you build the pattern manually to your satisfaction, which will be very much a trial-and-error process, as soon as you engage the landing behavior they'll go off and follow their hard coding.


We may see some change to this in the future, but I wouldn't hold my breath were I you. There are lots of great multiplayer groups out there that do just this kind of thing (and more popping up every day as the Hornet gets closer.) You might consider looking into one of those.


Good luck!

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