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Engine nozzle position


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i noticed that the nozzle position indicator never goes past of 80%... even in full AB throttle position....



this picture in the manual says that it should go up to 80%



and just some pages after says that at max it should be 50-80%



so can anyone please confirm that i the nozzle position is never meant to go past 80%.... i fly even in the f-15 and it goes to 100% in full AB so it seems quite strange to me....


P.S. The throttle is going full up to the limit so it is not a calibration problem.

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Nozzle Position is B and red (legend). In the Diagramm its the scale on the left which goes up to 80. So in normal engine operation it goes up to 80% of what it can do physically (100%), even in AB (you see the cycle in the diagram). On the right side the scale is for throttle position (A).

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