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Aerial equivalent of ground bombardment action


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As the subject line suggests I believe it would be useful to be able to depict a flak area without needing the units to potentially bog down frames so suggesting having a trigger action that produced flak explosions within a zone between specified altitudes and at a specified rate (very similar to the new artillery barrage trigger action) and also be able to select the explosion type eg Bofors, 88mm, or any other AAA type explosion in the game so the zone of AAA matched the nationality and era of the defenders. The reason I believe this would be useful is that simulating the density of fire of AAA around towns and cities during WW2 requires a lot of units to be placed which if the mission is say a B17 raid and it is unlikely that the AA guns would ever be attacked or even seen from 15000 ft plus represents a big overhead in terms of AI units. I think even for later eras like Korea or Vietnam it could be useful to be able to simulate an area of AAA without placing units if the AAA units themselves are not part of the mission story line.

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