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sky artifice for snow and rain days


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Sky artifice - general notes and screens.



That's just a little ARTIFICE in sky luminance to obtain a grey sky (like to haze) for snow and rain days.


Two versions are available: check files attached, and enclosed readme and screens.


You can upload these files where You wise. Thanks.


Antonio Gatti, march 2007

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very nice


btw, this may be an obvious question, but if you install this mod, basically all the sky would look like this despite the different season right? People should install this mod mainly if they fly winter right?


Yes, thats right.

The Mod works "global", that means that you will get the same sky color at all altitudes and all times. But it works and looks fine with all seasons between 8:00AM and 6:00PM(for me),not only for winter. The environment of air to ground missions can get really improved with this mod if you choose the wheater conditions well.

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Looks alot better mitch789, thanks! :thumbup:

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Nice add-on thanks man :thumbup: and despite the knight setings which makes an unusual yellow obscurity of the horizon, the grey colour of clouds is spot on. And i absolutely agree that ED should pull there finger out to do the weather as well, just for lockon cases (not an offence just an expression)!:pilotfly:

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Great, but i've a short question: up to now we could change sumthings for the sky, so can we intervene other files in Bazar\Effects\Sky or Layeredfog folder to replace Full Shadow setting for All Planar/ Planar mode ? I hope if we can do this, we'll get much better fps while obtain full shadow on everything, now full shadow setting often drop fps espacially when you guys land the Su-33 to carrier by 3-4 times (from 45fps down to 8-10fps on the carrier deck)

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Warning! Ironic contend!


I don't want to be too harsh, but I'm in an ironic/funny mood today :).

If i understand you right you will do something similar like taking a weight of 1ton (full shadow) and than painting '100kg'(planar) on top of it, and than you hope that the worker(GFX/CPU) that has to lift it will behave like it is ten times lighter?!

In other words: You want to make your computer believe that he renders a simple planar shadow instead of a full one without fps dropping?



...I think, there is no way to trick the computer this way.

(Please correct me if I have understood your question wrongly.

And please inform me directly if you or someone else finds a solution to do that, because I have some plans for serious business. ;) )

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Investigating about sky color I found some other minor artifices.

I don't upload them because the primary goal of my work was to obtain a light grey sky for snow and rain days, and now we have it.



But honestly, I use frequently these other artifices. I tested and refined them, so I'd like share them with You.



Note: I don't claim these sky mods are perfect, complete or realistic 100%.

I use these sky mods to create new “ fairly good atmospheres” during my flights.

ED standard sky have a constant luminance gradient during all seasons and weather (check screens)

I've appropriately modified this luminance gradient so to obtain visual artifices looking like “haze”, “clouds coverage”, “incoming cloudy front”, etc., with different “sky luminance gradient”.

Even though some sky can appear like another, there're some minor difference, so each sky is sole for contrast, luminance and pilot visibility, of course.

CONVENIENT SETTINGS of weather menu, original ED sky or SkyColorMod can permit satisfactory results and a GREAT choice of weather conditions. These convenient settings are YOUR responsibility.

That is not really a trouble, because all flight simmers have a primary metereological knowledge.

However, feel You free to use these sky mods as You like, despite I've named them.

Enjoy yourself with LO and SkyColorMod !!!!! Don't exhaust yourself looking for REAL weather.

That's just an ARTIFICE ...



If someone is concerned about these “sky mods”, please let me know and I upload the package (files and screens).

I'm sorry for package size (about 20 MB), but enclosed screens are really self-explanatory.

(Please, check enclosed screens to realize this wide choice of settings)



Please, be patience for package because I've internet connection just few days for week.

Maybe tomorrow, if someone is concerned. Thanks in advance.



Antonio G.

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Yeah this is one very cool mod. I installed it today. Thank you! :)



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CH Pro Pedals


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  • ED Team

Hey this sounds great.


Haven't read the entire thread, but just wondering, is it easy to change the "sky color" and stuff?


Reason im asking is, because i think im gonna try to replace the in-game sky with a completely new one when making movies, so if the sky was 1 solid color, changing the sky would be very simple, and not cause so much trouble :)

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Haven't read the entire thread, but just wondering, is it easy to change the "sky color" and stuff?


I use SkyColorMod (Modman5 addon) to change my sky each time I'd like, looking for repropose real weather in region where I live.

Launch Modman5, select SkyClorMod You'd like (*), install it, launch FC and FLY ... just some seconds !!!


(*) At present we have five SkyColorMods:

1.) SkyColorMod 1.1 CF cold front - use only during daytime

2.) SkyColorMod 1.1 CV coverage - use only during daytime

3.) SkyColorMod 1.1 SU summer - use freely day and night

4.) SkyColorMod 1.1 VB variable coverage - use only during daytime

5.) SkyColorMod 1.1 WI winter - use freely day and night


Before to install another SKM, please, remove previous.

Please, I suggest You to acquire familiarity with each sky through the screens enclosed in SKM 1.1 (full package), then flying it.


Antonio G.

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