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Some Bug report from my last flight.

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Hi there,




I just flew with the viggen on a multiplayer training mission (no scripts at all, just units with ''RED STATE'' alarm state option) with SA-8, 10 and 11. It seems that the U/22A pod is jamming even if the U/22 selector is on ''0'' position.




Page 127 of the Viggen RC1 Manual ''OFF : Mode 0 Pod is disabled. ''


But the MOTVERK indication was still flashing.




FACKL SL (KB pod flares empty) still lit after rearming. Done 3 rearming tonight.




Also, I was over the ocean to explain the bombs PLAN reticle to my friend, the QFE on the main altimeter was set correctly, weapon selector on PLAN, Master Mode on NAV, Safety Bracket up, I noticed that the reticle jumped one or two times. Like if I changed rapidly the main altimeter reference pressure. But I need to do more tests about this.



BK-90 still bugged in multiplayer, but that's not new.




Thank you.

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