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Can I make "Fog of War" for CA slot only?


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Hey folks!


Just trying to make a multiplayer mission which will include a slot for a Combined Arms "Tactical Commander" who can play the role of AWACS. I want them to be able to have the fog of war setting enabled, but the pilot slots to be only able to see their own position on the map.


I've seen this at work on some multiplayer servers, but for the life of me I can't make it work on my own.


If I have fog of war enabled, then the pilot slots can see everything the AWACS can detect. If I have it disabled, my Tactical Commander is blind.


Is there a trick to getting this to work, or are those other big multiplayer servers using some sort of special script to make that effect?



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Would certainly add even more value to the CA roles in a joint mission. Has this been added to the wishlist?

The State Military (MAG 13)





AV-8B BuNo 164553


Col J. “Poe” Rasmussen



Specs: Gigabyte Z390 Pro Wifi; i9-9900K; EVGA 2080 Ti Black; 32GB Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4; Samsung 970 EVO Series M.2 SSD; WIN10; ASUS VG248QE; CV-1 and Index

Modules: A-10C; AV8B; CA; FC3; F-5; F-14; F-18; F-86; HAWK; L-39; P-51; UH1H; NTTR; Normandy; Persian Gulf

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Tested and it works perfectly as usual. :thumbup:


I am placing here a simple test mission. Jump on the Tactical Commander slot and see how despit having the scenario F10 to be configured as " Show only map", for the Tactical Commander you can see all your own units all the time and once the enemy units are located, You can see them as well as long as they are on detection range of any of your units.


There are red units ahead of the Blue tanks, let them advance a litte and you will see the red units on your map as well shortly

Test Fog of War.miz

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