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DCS 1.5.6 for VR


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Hello, I have version 1.5.8 installed and also the 2.5 open beta, but they are giving me many problems with my oculus rift.

I want to install the 1.5.6 that goes very well for VR.


Is there any way to install version 1.5.6?


A friend has 1.5.6 installed in his computer, is there any way to make a copy of a version 1.5.6 installed and pass it to my PC?


Thank you

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Well, you could put it on a USB drive of any kind and just copy it across to your PC. Then run it from where you have it and install and activate your modules and you should be fine.


I can't see a problem with doing that and have done it myself with 1.5.6 between my two PCs.


Might be an idea to remove any modules he has that you don't, before you move it, though - but I don't know if that will make a difference, you just won't be able to fly it if it's not activated on your PC.


It will build the necessary Saved Games folders etc - but you may need to make a registry entry yourself (details in the forum - a search should help you find it). Then make a shortcut to run it from.


edit: If you want to run it in addition to the other two versions, you should use a version.txt file, so it can distinguish between the different ones on your PC - details for that are also here somewhere.


Edit2: Okay - just looked how I did it. You put a text file into your DCS World 156 root folder and rename it "dcs_variant.txt". Inside that you put the version number "156". When DCS makes the config folders in your Saved Games, it will then name it after what you put in that dcs_variant.txt file. So in this case it would say:


C:\Users\*username*\Saved Games\DCS.156


Each time you run it then, when it asks if you want to update you just click no or cancel. That way you stay on 1.5.6 (and it does run very well in VR - but you don't get to fly the AV-8B or Hornet, of course).

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To avoid updating 1.5.6 run it with "/bin/DCS.exe" only...

Use Skatezilla's updater to remove modules you don't have from your friend's install folder...

1.5.6 is indeed the last version that can breathe on medium graphics cards in VR.

Every latter one requires at least 1070/1080 on low/medium settings to reach ASW FPS of 45.


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